SugarBEAT® is an accurate, painless, convenient and affordable method of tracking glucose levels for better diabetes management developed by Nemaura Medical Inc. SugarBEAT® consists of a reusable sensor containing a daily-disposable adhesive skin-patch (pictured below).
SugarBEAT® is needle-free and daily-disposable, unlike current glucose monitors, which require an invasive needle-like sensor to be continuously inserted into the skin for anywhere between 5 to 14 days.

Easier Monitoring

  • No more multiple daily routine finger prick testing.
  • Visible indicator of fluctuations in glucose levels.
  • Understand factors that affect your glucose levels.
  • reduce chronic diabetic complications and improve your quality of life.
A pre-downloaded App on your smart device (phone / watch / tablet) receives data from the patch via Bluetooth and displays your sugar levels / Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP).

Use a standalone reader instead of a smartphone or watch

The patch is designed to detect your sugar levels and send the signal to the reader.

SugarBEAT® will be significantly cheaper than competitor glucose monitoring products.

Unobtrusive Comfortable.

Help your clinician provide tailored advice by sending them your AGP via the cloud.

Input your diet, medication and exercise to generate more meaningful glucose readings.

Flexible. Versatile.

SugarBEAT® is suitable both for
diabetes management / lifestyle

You can choose to wear SugarBEAT® every day, every other day, during daylight hours, or on an entirely ad-hoc basis.

Stay Informed

SugarBEAT® launch expected 2017 in selected countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.